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Its not 2001 anymore - search engine optimization (SEO) services can no longer promise #1rankings for any phrase you desire. If you hear otherwise, you are being scammed and feed unrealistic expectations - so run!! The fact is, the ONLINE competitive landscape has made grabbing #1 rankings for reasonably searched on "key" phrases nearly impossible - but the reason why may not be what you expect. Here is an example to explain.

Do you view Wikipedia as a competitor of yours? Probably not - offline. Online - they are. Wikipedia often holds #1 rankings for a never ending list of searched on phrases. Is a competitor of yours? Well, same deal - online they are. Add to the list hundreds of resource websites, blogs, online magazines, etc... and you get a vast number of websites which control top positions in search engine results. But, they don't sell products or services - you do.

We cannot promise that our search engine optimization services will gain you #1 rankings, but we can promise is that your listings will be among the first product / services company listings that come up.

Keyword List Development

The corner stone to search engine optimization is to create a list of target phrases to market your site and company towards. to accomplish this, our search engine optimization services start wih gaining an understanding of who your target market is. With this knowledge, we then determine what types of phrases they use to search and locate products and services like yours. This list is then segmented, categorized, and prioritized in order to determine how to best integrate which phrases go where on your site.

This keyphrase list can also be leveraged to accomplish other tasks, such:

  • creating nomenclature for navigation elements
  • developing site structure
  • starting or enhancing a pay-per-click program
  • developing topical ideas for your blog or for article creation

Code Optimization

This might be something only your IT folk care about - but search engine need well developed, clean code. Our search engine optimization services include either creating it ourselves or working with your IT staff to ensure your website is properly coded to maximize your search engine presence. For example, optimizing Title and Description tags on your site is on of the key parts to the search engine optimization process. We also work towards ensuring proper use of header tags, image and linking alt tags, include files, and more...

Content Optimization

The main thrust of our search engine optimization services conclude with the process of editing your text so that the optimal keyphrases are integrated into the most appropriate pages of your site. Worth mentioning here - it is a rarity that search engine optimization editing involves anything other then minor copy changes to each ‘important’ page of your Website. We work independently or with your copy writer to ensure each key page has a strong purpose and effective call-to-actions, while at the same time improving the probability of search engines ranking your important pages high within their index - without sacrificing the flow of the copy.

Search Engine & Directory Submission (Link Development)

While submitting to search engines is really no longer required - people still ask or note when it is not mentioned. so, for the record - it is not required - they will find you on their own, and typically quite quickly.

Submitting your site to directories on the other hand is still not only a valid practice, but it is almost a required tactic in order to achieve reasonable presence on the like of Google. Arguably, the #1 factor Google looks at to rank your site is how many "quality" links you have pointing to your site - "quality" meaning rather than A key element to our post launch search engine optimization services is to find and establish quality inbound links to your site so that Google ranks your pages higher.

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